Fee Structure

The following fees will be the standard charge for immigration advice and assistance given to a particular client by Karis Solicitors Limited.

The fees listed below are accurate for the period commencing 13th February 2019.  The fees are subject to change. 

Hourly Rates

Senior Advisors                                                 Attendance*                     £250.00 per hour.

Junior Advisors                                                  Attendance*                     £150.00 per hour.

Telephone calls received**                                                         1/10 of the hourly rate.

Telephone calls made**                                                      1/10 of the hourly rate.

Letters composed and sent**                                            1/10 of the hourly rate.

Letters received**                                                               1/20 of the hourly rate.

*Attendance is to be defined as any time spent on a particular matter.  This will include attending upon the client, preparation time, advocacy and travel and waiting time.

**These fees do not apply to telephone calls or letters made or received that are purely administrative.

Fixed Fees

As an alternative a particular client will have the option of paying a fixed fee for a particular matter.

Asylum & Human Rights

Asylum Application               £2000.00 (Not including attending an interview)

Asylum Application              £2500.00 (Including attending an interview)

Asylum Appeal                                                   £2000.00 (Not attending CMRH)

Asylum Appeal                                                   £2500.00 (Attending CMRH)

Entry Clearance Matters

Visit Visa                                                               £1250.00-£1750.00

PBS – Tier 4                                                          £1000.00-£1500.00

Settlement based on marriage                         £2000.00-£2500.00

Settlement (other)                                             £2000.00-£2500.00

EEA/Family Permit                                            £2000.00-£2500.00

PBS – Tier 1 and Tier 2                                        £2000.00-£3000.00

Sponsorship Licence                                           £1500.00-£3000.00

Other Managed Migration                               £2000.00-£3000.00

Complex business applications   £ per hour/negotiable

In- Country Applications – EEA

EEA QP [European]                                            £500.00-£750.00

EEA FM [Non-European]                                  £1500.00-£2000.00

EEA PR [Permanent]                                           £1500.00-£2000.00

Human Rights/DLR     £2000.00/£2500.00

Further Leave to Remain – Immigration Rules

PBS                                                                        £1500.00/£2000.00

All Other Settlement/Extension                        £1250.00/£2500.00

Immigration/EEA Appeals                                 £1250.00/£2500.00


Naturalisation/Registration                              £750.00 – £1500.00

Deprivation         Initial reps                              £750.00/£1500.00

                               Appeal                                   £1500.00

                               Removal reps                       £ Nil/£750.00

                               Removal Appeal                 £1500.00


General Chase up/DPA                                     £500.00

Deportation       Initial reps                              £2000.00

                               Appeal                                £2000.00/£2500.00

Prison Visit          (Inside M25)                        £1000.00

                             (outside M25)                      £1250.00 (plus travel costs)

Bail Application                                                 £1250.00

Judicial Review (please refer to JR Overview Sheet)

PAP letter                                                          £500.00-£750.00

Lodge JR application                                        £1500.00 – £2500.00

Permission Hearing                                          £1000.00 + Counsel’s fees

Full Hearing                                                       £2000.00 + Counsel’s fees

***These costs may also attract or include counsel’s fees.

If a client is in the UK and wishes to apply to switch categories the fixed fee will be based upon the above amounts.

The above fees will attract VAT at 20%, unless the client is not ‘ordinarily resident’ as defined by HM Customs and Excise.  This will need to be added to the above fees.     

The above fees relate solely to profit costs for Karis Solicitors.  The fees do not include any disbursement figures.  All disbursements are payable by the client in excess to the above quoted amounts.

Disbursements include, but are not restricted to the following;

  • Home Office/Visa Section fees
  • Interpreter fees
  • Travel costs (Karis Solicitors employees)
  • Expert reports

Counsel fees will be included in the initial quote when Karis Solicitors have been specifically instructed to provide assistance on an appeal matter.  The client will be informed of the amount counsel charges.